Corsair k60 OSX issues

I got a Corsair K60 a few months ago and fell in love with it. It is a mechanical keyboard (my first mechanical keyboard) with Cherry MX red switches. There is, however, one problem with it. The caps lock LED is always on and the LEDs for num lock and scroll lock are always off.

This affects all models of Corsair keyboards as far as I know. Why they don’t just add support for Macs? I don’t know. It can’t hurt. It is just another HID device.

The keyboard will toggle caps lock when you press it but it won’t change the state of the LED. So, like any sensible person I set out to fix the damn LEDs. And, let me tell you it was not an easy task (considering I have not programmed a single line in objective C before this or written any hardware drivers in any language).

After spending the whole weekend on it, I was able to write a program that will listen for key strokes from k60. Now, I have to figure out how to toggle the LED when caps lock is pressed and I will be able to have a normal functioning keyboard.