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G2 on the way?

According to some rumors on IT news websites, some new Android phones will be released in 2009. claims that a phone, G2, is in the making and will be released in January of 2009. Another website claims that it will be released in April. Best of all, G2 will not be locked down to T-Mobile. It will be great to have a phone not locked down to T-mobile but this begs the question : WIll this phone be able to access T-mobile’s 3G services? And if yes, will it also be able to access 3G service of providers from the rest of the world who don’t use 1700 Mhz for 3G? I guess we will soon find out. 

An Australian company had announced the release of an Android based phone called Kogan Agora. It looks something like Samsung Blackjack and has no touch screen (as far as I can tell). A chinese firm, Lenovo, has also announced an Android based phone which will have touch screen but no physical keyboard. It looks something like HTC Touch HD from the front. The phone is called QIGI.

Looks like 2009 has some great things in store for all the phone lovers out there. Happy New Year everyone !