Clean your oil painting brushes the non-toxic way

Oxyclean stain remover is your friend. Wipe your brushes with a paper tower, then spray some Oxyclean into the bristles, leave it for a few seconds and wash them. You may need to use more than once on a brush but it will clean the brush and leave no color stains ( at least not as much as Gamsol + soap and water ).

I have heard some artists like to use baby oil to clean their brushes and they say you need a lot of it. I haven’t tried this method

Another cleaner that works great is Fast Orange hand cleaner. It is a bit thick and has pumice in it so I don’t use it for brushes as much. You have to make sure you get all the pumice out after you are done cleaning. Also I have had to use quite a bit of it on brushes.

Fast Orange cleaner is amazing for your hands. It will clean them better than regular soap and water. Also, you can use it as a facial or body scrub.

Notice how new brushes need to be broken in before painting. The bristles are stuck together and you need to brush them lightly on you hand to get them to part. You can get that with milk. After cleaning the brushes, take a few drops of milk and shape the brush. Next time you reach for it to paint, it will feel like you are painting with a new brush.