HTTP Request class for Android (version 2)

Hi Everyone,

After some people pointed out the problems they had with version 2 of this class, I took it all out.  Please go to: for version 2.1

By Moazzam

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I am new to android and my task is related to posting data on the server,i have a string and a url now i need to post that Please can u help me

Hi Pandeshwar,

You can use the class I wrote in one of my posts to send the data. There are example on how to use it too.

Lots of code in here that is not valid for android. For example, you never initiate the variable fis. Also, your for loops are not valid

for (int i=0; i 0) { << error (android 1.5sdk)

You also never initiate buffer

This code is way broken for me. Anyone else?

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