Oaths in Islam – Part 2

Since I posted an article on “Oaths in Islam”, I have gotten quite a few questions from readers (most of which I have not published) asking me to clarify if an oath they took is valid or something else related to oaths they took. I figured I would write another article providing examples to help such people out.

First I’d like to state that I am not a scholar, or even a formal student of sacred knowledge. I just happen to like learning and get my knowledge from reading various books, articles and listening to lectures. I had written the original article as a reminder for me after having read articles about oaths on (now and other sources. Here is the original article, I am talking about: if you are curious.

My friend/whoever took an oath that they will do something bad to themselves if I don’t do what they want.

If your friend, or anyone else takes an oath to not eat (or harm themselves) until you do something, that is between them. You are not responsible for their oaths. If they break those oaths, they will have to pay kaffarah for it. It doesn’t affect you. No one can force you to do something by taking an oath. Allah will not hold you accountable for an oath someone else took.

I swore that I will not let my son/daughter do something (like play soccer), but I want to let them play it. What should I do?

Firstly, try not to take oaths you can’t keep. Secondly, if you break your oath, you will have to pay the kaffarah. If you don’t break that oath, then you son/daughter will not get to play soccer (or whatever you forbade them from) .