Sketchbook app for Android

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II. As you may already know, it has a big screen and the fact that it comes with a note taking app made by Samsung (I think) makes it very useful to jot down ideas, doodle, etc. I, however, wondered if there was an app that would facilitate doodling even more – a Photoshop caliber doodling app, if you will. Thus, began my search for a graphic program.

I tried the Sketchbook Express app and fell in love with it. It’s a bit limiting but you get an idea of what the paid version can do. I like the way the UI works, too. It doesn’t have any menus or anything visible on the screen – just a dot at the bottom. You tap the dot and out pop all tools. It has all sorts of brushes, color picker, the eye-dropper, etc. You can make a custom brush if preset ones don’t meet your needs.

After fiddling with the free version, I decided to get the paid version of the app (which was for $2.13 with taxes when I bought it). I am not an artist but after messing with the free and paid versions, I was able to draw these images.

This picture took me 2-3 hours on the free version:


I started making this one in the free version and completed it in the paid version (took me 3 weeks to complete – a few minutes here, a few minutes there):


Just to be safe: No one is allowed to use these images without my written permission.