Testing multiple browsers with Selenium2 in PHPUnit

You used to be able to run test on multiple browsers with PHPUnit Selenium test class by specifying a $browsers property. You can still do the same with PHPUnit’s Selenium 2 class made for web driver. Here is how you do it:

PHP Inheritance – Calling parent’s functions in child object

Before I begin, let me just say that I have tested this in PHP 5.2. I don’t know if this will work for PHP 5.3. If anyone can confirm that it does, it will be great. You can do it with parent::someFunctionName(). You can do this from within an overloaded function also. It was confusing […]

Design Patterns – Singletons in PHP 5.x

Design Patterns (and anti-patterns) are techniques of programming. There are a lot of design patterns. It is upto the programmer to pick and choose which patterns to use based on their needs. Singleton is also a design pattern. A singleton is a type of class which can have only 1 object of its kind through […]