Design Patterns – Singletons in PHP 5.x

Design Patterns (and anti-patterns) are techniques of programming. There are a lot of design patterns. It is upto the programmer to pick and choose which patterns to use based on their needs. Singleton is also a design pattern. A singleton is a type of class which can have only 1 object of its kind through […]

Working with a database in Android

Android uses SQLite for its database needs. SQLite is a very fast and lightweight database. It is file based which makes it highly portable and an ideal candidate for use as an embedded database. For those who prefer to just go through the code and learn, the Notebook application example on Android’s website can be […]

Installing Blackberry’s JDE

Blackberry provides an SDK for developers who want to develop applications for a Blackberry device. And, like all other mobile SDKs I have come across the documentation doesn’t answer all your questions. So, here is a short tutorial to satisfy the hunger for programming Blackberry devices. You will need Blackberry’s JDE. You can download it […]

Debugging errors in Android

Android has a great framework to work in. However, it is in its infancy and debugging my code has been a very big problem for me. Whenever something goes wrong in the code, I always get “source not found” error. It doesn’t tell me I have a nullPointer exception , or string is incomplete.  No […]

Programming for the beast named Android

I was messing around with Android’s development kit and I have to say, learning to develop an application for Android was much easier than trying to do it for Windows Mobile. I guess proper documentation helps – a lot. Google has put published tutorials on how to do some common tasks needed for making applications, […]

Programming for Windows Mobile

If you are too used to programming in Linux and want to move to programming for Windows mobile. It can be a bit hard. It was difficult for someone I know to digest that the SDK requires that you have Visual Studio installed (the full version not the express edition).  So, here are a few […]