Technology is a means to an end and not the end itself

Last Friday, the CEO of the company I work for said something interesting: “Technology is not the end. It is a means to an end.” He, then, elaborated that by saying that we are making applications to make people’s lives easier. The code doesn’t have to be perfect. If it works for 90-95% of the […]

Testing multiple browsers with Selenium2 in PHPUnit

You used to be able to run test on multiple browsers with PHPUnit Selenium test class by specifying a $browsers property. You can still do the same with PHPUnit’s Selenium 2 class made for web driver. Here is how you do it:

OSX Mavericks upgrade and PhpStorm problems

I upgraded my work laptop’s OS to Mavericks (finally). Started the upgrade yesterday when going home and when I went back to work today, PhpStorm stopped working. I got no errors, no warnings, nothing. It didn’t even give me an indication stating that it was trying to open PhpStorm. So, like any sensible person I […]

MariaDB – A better replacement for MySQL?

A friend of mine mentioned that Suse and another Linux distribution were going to switch from MySQL to MariaDB. So I got curious and looked at it. According to their website, it is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. You can uninstall MySQL, install MariaDB and things will just work. No need to change any code. […]

Wirelessly controlling Arduino

After I got my curtains open/close from my computer, I wanted to be able to do things wirelessly so I didn’t have to go to my computer every time I wanted to switch my fan on or open and close my curtains. If you don’t want to get the XBee wireless module for Arduino (which […]