Nexus S and TMobile data connection

Here’s an interesting tidbit. If you go out of the country and come back. Nexus S won’t automatically connect to TMobile’s 3G or edge network. You have to switch it off and start it again for it to connect to the data network. It will, however, let you make phone calls, and send and receive […]

Setting up your Android environment

I have seen quite a few posts on some lists asking about how to set up a programming environment for Android. While it is very straight forward, the documentation is all over the place. So, I decided to write this tutorial :). In this tutorial, we will install Android SDK in eclipse (Galileo), we will […]

Android HttpRequest class (version 2.1)

Version of of this class had some bugs so I corrected them and here is the latest version 🙂 Enjoy!

You will also need the class below:

HTTP Request class for Android

Here is a class that can be used to make HTTP get and HTTP post requests. I haven’t commented everything but the usage should be pretty clear from the method signatures. Note: This is for Android 1.5.

You will also need this class along with it. < View plain text > java import java.util.Hashtable; […]

Sending data to other activities in Android

Let’s say you have a list activity which lists some information and you have another activity which adds/edits information in the list. How do you tell the edit activity which item (in the list of the first activity) needs to be edited?    In the first activity, you will do this :

Let’s take […]

Android Exeda – A more detailed look

I had written a post about CompuLab releasing an Android based phone called Exeda. It’s official now and they are making it available in March. They will make the price available along with the phone. It has a 3.5 inch screen which is sun-readable. It also has a touchpad which acts as a mouse. The […]