Installing Blackberry’s JDE

Blackberry provides an SDK for developers who want to develop applications for a Blackberry device. And, like all other mobile SDKs I have come across the documentation doesn’t answer all your questions. So, here is a short tutorial to satisfy the hunger for programming Blackberry devices. You will need Blackberry’s JDE. You can download it […]

Debugging errors in Android

Android has a great framework to work in. However, it is in its infancy and debugging my code has been a very big problem for me. Whenever something goes wrong in the code, I always get “source not found” error. It doesn’t tell me I have a nullPointer exception , or string is incomplete.  No […]

Programming for the beast named Android

I was messing around with Android’s development kit and I have to say, learning to develop an application for Android was much easier than trying to do it for Windows Mobile. I guess proper documentation helps – a lot. Google has put published tutorials on how to do some common tasks needed for making applications, […]

Programming for Windows Mobile

If you are too used to programming in Linux and want to move to programming for Windows mobile. It can be a bit hard. It was difficult for someone I know to digest that the SDK requires that you have Visual Studio installed (the full version not the express edition).  So, here are a few […]