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Moazzam is a software developer with around a decade of experience. He has worked extensively on web applications and desktop applications. One of the most interesting projects he had to work on was a distributed computing project. He had to get multiple computers to work as one unit.

He also do freelance development and paint in my free time. Please feel free to leave me a comment here if you would like to hire him for a project. You can also follow him on Instagram here :

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Hi Moazzam,
I’ve been using your HttpRequest file in an Android application I’m working on, and it’s great. I’m new to Java development (I use Actionscript at work) and so it was nice to find a working file uploader I could use.

I’m trying to add in functionality for transfer progress indicators, because it doesn’t look like that’s currently supported. I’ve looked at the documentation for all the classes you’re using in HttpRequest and I don’t see support for any sort of callbacks or listeners. However, it just seems like it should be possible to do this. Since you’re clearly more familiar with the classes, I was just wondering if you think it is possible, and if you had any pointers for me.

Thanks in advance.

Also, I saw your post about PHP and Sabre, and I have to ask–do you work for Sabre? I work for Travelocity, which is why I’m curious.

Hi Craig,

HttpRequest class is meant for Android, so it’s light-weight. Adding listeners to file upload process is a great idea, though in case someone needs it. I’ll try to add that and post a new version.

I don’t work for Sabre. When one of my clients asked me to make a website for him using Sabre, I had to a very hard time learning how to use their web services, etc. So, I wrote the post about PHP and Sabre to help others who will face the same problems as I did :).

Thanks for really helping through blog .. I am beginner in Android ,can you please give me some guidance ,material to master this technology

If you are available, I have a PHP + Sabre project I need some help on.

Plz email me for details ckm()crust dot net



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